Where did the Binding go?

Hi. I found a bug.

I created LevelSequence (named 067_0030_render_camera_v0001) asset with ImgMediaSource asset.
When LS-asset loaded in Sequencer, I can to see it Camera Binding ID:

Next I created new LevelSequence asset (named MAIN) and **ShotsTrack **added to it.
I insert my 067_0030_render_camera_v0001 asset to ShotsTrack:

Now I double clicked on my 067_0030_render_camera_v0001 section:

And I find that the Camera Binding ID is lost now. Why???
I think this should not happen. The Binding should remain unchanged.

And I know how it can be fixed:
but it’s a BUG anyway.


hi !
can you tell me how import camera fbx used python code ?
thank you very much!

I don’t use fbx import and I have not tried this method.
I am creating a CineCameraActor from CSV data.

But I think you should use this method:
unreal.SequencerTools**.**import_fbx(world, sequence, bindings, unreal.MovieSceneUserImportFBXSettings, import_filename)