Where did "Calculate Direction" go?

I am going through a tutorial and the option to find a “Calculate Direction” function is not in the newer version of the Unreal Engine. The tutor simply right clicks in the BP window background to create a new function. Types in Calculate Direction and appears under Animation.

Any help would be appreciated. I tried looking for the answer for a while but no luck.

you may have to turn off context sensitivity, i used the calculate direction node like 2 days ago, so its there


Thank you @burntbyhellfire I have another problem. I can’t connect “Cast To Character” to “Calculate DIrection.” Shouldn’t “Calculate Direction” be the color blue? it’s green.

well if youre casting to character using a specific blueprint you have to get the owner of that BP, so try to get pawn owner or something of that sorts would connect into a “cast to” node… if youre trying to calculate direction for direction/speed to drive a blendspace i dont even use a cast to node for them

I have same problem,it’s green.

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i have the same issue

me too. It’s green without the proper input. it’s worked before with a cast to and without.

Calculate direction comes from velocity, no character… You need to get velocity vector off character.

For anyone who had trouble with ‘Calculate Direction’, this video shows you how to solve the problem.


Here’s a screenshot of how this is done in UE 4.2

It took me the better part of two days, but finally figured out the correct blueprint configuration… The Blueprint in the Event Graph works perfectly!

@burntbyhellfire you are awesome man thanks XD

I thought it was removed for good in Unreal Engine 4.24.

Try plugging cast to character right into set direction

This completely solved my issue, thanks for sharing the vid!