Where create base functionality blueprint?

Hi everybody!

I have a very important question about visual scripting.
For example, i would like to make a multiplayer FPS game with many game modes and many maps.
When you create a server it should send data to a master server periodically (e.g. how many free slot on the server, which map is currently on, ping, who is the host etc.).

Where should i implement this functionality?
If i implement it in the level blueprint i need to copy it for every level. Same goes if i impement it in the game mode blueprint. Neither appealing.

What can you advise?

Thank you for your time!

If you put it in the game mode blueprint you don’t need to copy it for every level. You just need to assign that as the game mode for the level you are running in your settings.

you can use it in your base game mode and then make sure all your other game modes inherit the first one so they all have the required functionality.