where could I find low poly characters?

I’m pretty much set on going with these guys as the enemies for my game

Low poly skeleton crew:

Now I need to find a similar low poly mesh for my main character. I would really like to find something that uses the UE4 robot mannequin skeleton since that’s what I’m using right now as a placeholder and it would save me a lot of work.

I’ve been browsing through the Unity asset store and found a lot of good stuff on there but don’t know how to port it over to UE4 (I can import the skeletal mesh but clueless on building the skeleton, animations, textures).

I’ve spent the entire day today searching for a solution, surely I’m not the first person to run into this dilemma.

if you’re going through all this effort to find one, why not just make one?

cause that would take me longer and end result wouldn’t be as good

The only way to get such characters is to create your own ones or download some meshes from the unity story - - and then assign the rigg from the UE4 robot to the mesh or retarget the animations :slight_smile:

On the other hand you would learn something on the way …

Rome wasn’t built in a day …

Yeah, FREE CHARACTER = SAME CHARACTER IN EVERY GAME MADE BY A FIRST TIME DEVELOPER. LOL It’s true, I’ve seen it. Entire websites with nothing but zombie games and everybody has the same zombies, same guns, same hero, same vehicles (I’m pointing at you Unity). Make YOUR game. Not a mash-up of parts from other people’s games.