Where could I find documentation on older Unreal Engine(1-3) versions?

Im doing a small presentation and in-depth analizes in uni about Unreal Engine and its history. I can’t find any source that goes in-depth about the past Unreal Engine versions, like a full list of added features in each version or something close to it. So far the best info I have found from ( and wiki(Wiki is not something you want refer to), but that info is a bit bare-boned . Does anyone know a source where I could find more info on this topic? All I can find is just about the games it has released over the years.

There’s some stuff here for UDK/UE3: UDN | WebHome

And some stuff for UE2: UDN - Two - SiteMap

Before UDK the engine wasn’t freely available so there isn’t a lot on there and what was available was there to help people with mods.