Where could I find a good third-person tutorial?

Hey guys!

I would say I have a good enough knowledge of C# and understand the concepts of object-orientated programming and how programs work and communicate within each other, if that makes sense. I have looked at C++ and I have completed this tutorial: I understand what is going on but I feel I would like to look at blueprints; it is said to be easier and I am only starting out with Unreal Engine and would rather not jump into the deep end first.

The games I would be interested in making would be third-person. I seen this tutorial: but it is out-of-date, unfortunately, and I do not see the point in rolling back to 4.7 and trying to re-learn the things that have changed in 4.10. It says that it could cause engine crashes if I follow that tutorial. Is there any good tutorials I could follow for 4.10, or even if there is not for third-person, what tutorials would be recommended?


You want Wes Bunn’s series. (3rd Person Game with Blueprints (v4.8+))

It’s still part of the Official Unreal YouTube channel.