Where could I apply all the graphics/math that I've learned?

Hi everyone. Not sure if it’s the right place to ask for this but there it goes.

I’ve been using Unreal Engine for 3 years already. In the last 6 months, I’ve been focusing myself on learning Math, Graphics, Calculus… Now that I’ve “finished” I want to know what could be the best API to start applying all this stuff that I’ve learned. Of course with Unreal I can apply them as well, but I’m talking about matrices, math graphics creation and all of that stuff.

I’ve done some research and everyone points you to OpenGl, Vulkan or DirectX. What I’m looking for is which of all the APIs you recommend me to understand how everything works “under the hood”. As I’ve been using Unreal Engine for a long time now, what could be the best option? Or it doesn’t matter at all? I don’t care about performance, multiplatform and any other stuff, just for learning. My intention is to keep developing stuff with Unreal Engine as I really love working with it, but I want to really understand all of this, so I can make even cooler stuff :smiley:

Thanks for your time, hope someone can guide me to the right direction :slight_smile:

The best place to understand these things might just be the Unreal shader/material editor! It gives quick feedback, and allows you to work with a lot of different approaches. The draw-back is that the set of possible inputs and the structure of those inputs is a high learning curve, and is under control by Unreal, not you.

The second best place is probably the Shadertoy website. You can write GLSL shading language code and run it right in your browser! You can also see what other people did, for inspiration, and you can share your creations.

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Build a model viewer based on Vulkan API + glTF2 + ImmediateGUI.

Or make a modeling toolkit for Unreal Editor.

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The engine programmers are a few dozen people, they do that. If you are good at math, you can do back end, creating and improving the engine source code, targeting DirectX, Vulkan, OpenGL.

Then, this can provide certain functions or nodes that make something interesting for those who don’t have these skills.

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