Where can I tell what version is released?

where can I tell what version is downloadable? Has 4.7 been released?

The full version of 4.7 has not yet been released, but it should be within the next 30-days :wink:

For now there is 4.7 Preview #5, or version 4.6.1 that are the best ones to use.

But make sure before your 30-day subscription ends you have version 4.7 downloaded, it should be released later month! :slight_smile:

Make sure you download the Launcher from the main page when you sign into www.unrealengine.com, the link should be shown on the right side of the page.

launcher > library + add version > next to version is a drop down click on that. Latest release is 4.7.0 preview 5


If you have access to the engine, is where you’ll find the versions of the engine you’ll be able to use currently.

P.S - You guys are quick!

Is the 4.7 version goign to fix the where when you paint the landscape it paints the entire block?

You can find all the info regarding 4.7 Preview release here.

I had a similar experience when I started with the landscape paint tool in UE4 but it turns out it was just filling the entire block with a base texture. Afterwards I was able to blend back and forth between textures contained in the landscape material as intended. If is not the case for you and you feel is a bug, please post question on the AnswerHub and include a link back to post. -Thanks

Just to be clear, Version 4.6.1 is the latest release for UE4, and is the newest version which should be used for any active development of your project.

4.7 is available as a Preview only. Previews are not quality-guaranteed and will almost certainly have blocking issues in them before we fix them for the final release. The 4.7 Preview should only be used for testing.