Where can I see the currently opened project name inside the editor?

Hello… Newbie alert. I’m just starting to learn and play around with UE4. I have years of 3d and graphics experience, but very little game dev experience (beyond creating pre-rendered cinematics, anyway). So here is the first of what will be many questions…

In the editor, how can I see the name of my currently opened project? Maybe I’m just blind, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I would expect to see it in the title bar, but I only see a tab with the current level/map. I don’t see an option to “save project as” so that cheat doesn’t seem available. It’s not a huge deal, but since I am working with many different test projects, I may not remember the exact one I currently have open.


I don’t think it’s there anywhere, but if you use ALT-TAB to move between applications, then the window has the correct label.

Pretty sure the name of your project is in the top right corner of the editor (at least on OS X)

Not in Windowz… :slight_smile:

Thanks, that works. I wish it could show the full path though, but it’s better than nothing…

It is for me, right next to the blinking hat that won’t blink if you disable tutorials.

Holy ****! How did I not see that? I don’t feel too bad since apparently I’m not the only one…

Holy crap - there it is!..