Where can I report email phishing involved unreal?


I got an email today with an invoice of a payment to unreal epic games international made via paypal. Its clearly a phishing email. Is there a place where I should report this to? forward this email to?


Hi there,

Please forward it to community@unrealengine.com with the subject line containing “PHISHING EMAIL” and they will take a look at it.

Before you send it though, please move the mouse over your account name in the top right of this page and select Personal, then on the left select Payment History and ensure you have not been charged for anything recently that you did not purchase. There have been mass hacking attempts from Russia recently and some of the attempts have been successful in obtaining the users password, with users reporting their account was charged for Fortnite Vbucks. If you have any purchases listed that you did not make, please fill out the form linked below and Epic will contact you (ignore the Fortnite logo and options, the message will get through to UE4 account support). Also make sure you notify PayPal of the fraudulent purchase as they have been refunding it for others almost immediately.


If you do have purchases not made by you listed, immediately change your password and enable 2 factor authentication (2fa). It is also best to remove any payment methods saved to your account and only enter them when you need to buy something, that is just general security best practices.

Let me know if you need any more info. I never thought I’d be saying this, but I hope it was only a phishing email!


Thanks @ - appears to be phishing and nothing has been paid out. I’ve forwarded the email as instructed.