Where Can I Learn More About Making a MMORPG CLIENT

I have developed a fully featured MMORPG Server backend. Up until now I have been using a test client used for unit tests of the server. I would very much like to start working on a presentable fully featured client that will be usable by the server using UE4.

The server has been coded in C++, not that this matters…

The issue being I’ve never worked with a game engine, let alone the Unreal Engine.

I would be extatic if someone could point me in the right direction to start learning more about the process.

For example, how I can build a base client that is able to communicate with the server using tcp. Maybe some guides on how to build a very small hello world game that features importing custom animations/models/maps.

As well I’m wondering if the UE engine has a featured map loader that does away with loading screens. I’d like for the game client to be one world without any need for loading screens.

Upon further research I see that UE4 does indeed support no load screens through level streaming.

Bump, anyone…?

The server stuff is getting to an area that people usually don’t get to so there’s not many people that know that type of thing

That’s unfortunate… I mean all I need assistance with is really understanding how to preform network transactions… (Receiving & Sending data), since my servers already made… The rest should be as simple as spawning actors and such.

If this is true “I have developed a fully featured MMORPG Server backend.”, then you should know how to send data from client to server…
If you use the same framework, like, it should be simple to send data between the server and client.
There is some great tutorials like

I know how it works… I just expected the UE engine to have it’s own built functionality for tcp communications…

Have you ever found out more about it? I would be interested to. Tim Sweeney has mentioned “Implementing a completely custom MMO back-end framework handling all gameplay logic including object movement, and interfacing it with UE through networking: The client purely runs in UE, and the server purely runs outside of UE, and they are coordinated through a custom networking layer using either UDP or TCP. This approach is generally best for MMOs looking to support thousands of players per server, where UE’s high-precision approach to player movement and collision are overly-expensive compared to tile maps and other simplified techniques.”
This is what I am really interested into building, but so far, it seems that there are not examples out there about it.