Where can i keep game savefile for game start?

hello, i have a menu screen on the first login to the game. In the meantime I want it to check the save data. For this, I don’t need to keep this data in character. Do I need to keep this query in the menu widget? for example there are 10 levels, the user opened 5 levels, should I keep it in the mainmenu?

You need to use the save game :slight_smile:

yes i know that, but do i have to save from “game mode” for save data? I have mainmenu “GameMode”. Does it make sense to keep save datas from game mode? I don’t want it to reference the character, I want it to reference the gamemode :slightly_smiling_face:

You can access it from anywhere you want to. You can get it from the game mode or the menu system. Really up to you.