Where can i get ps5 platform specific codes for ue4

where can i get ps5 platform specific codes for ue4

Could you elaborate a little bit more? Do you want the development tools and code to develop for PlayStation 5 on Unreal Engine 4?

ue4 engine is cross platform, i want to get the platform layer code implemented for ps5, i found this on unrealengine github page:

  • Development for consoles and other platforms with restricted access, like Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, is only possible if you have a registered developer account with those third-party vendors.Depending on the platform, additional documentation or guidance may be available in the Unreal Developer Network support site, or as a downloadable archive in the section of the Unreal Engine Forums that is dedicated to your platform.If you don’t have access to these resources, first register a developer account with the third party vendor. Then contact your Epic Games account manager if you have one, or fill out and submit the Console Development Request form for Unreal Engine if you don’t. Epic will contact you with a formal agreement to digitally sign. Once this is approved, you will receive instructions on how to access source code, binaries, and additional instructions for your platform.
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I see, well you would have to register here and qualify for the opportunity of getting the PS5 Dev Kit: https://partners.playstation.net/

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

Yes, to have engine modules for PS5 first you have to become a certified developer, aka a formal Sony Electronic Entertainment business partner.

thank you for your reply, i already have the PS5 Dev Kit and the account, i just need the platform codes for PS5 in UE4 engine, but i cannot visit the website above " Console Development Request form"
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