Where Can I Find Unexperianced Dev Team?

I’m On A Project, It’s At The Beginning Done Nothing, Still Making Some Assets For Creating Skeleton Of Game. Since I Rather Build Skeleton After Enviroment Fits In My Head. But I’ll Gonna Do It No Matter What Even If It’s gonna take lifetime. I wanna See And Play This! I’m New About Tools, So I Want Unexperianced Team Whom Has Lotta Passion About Game Making And Learning Stuff Together! If You Are One Of Those Send Me Message!

There’s plenty of unexperienced people on the forums. It’s more about finding a team that is into the same thing you are. For example, I’m looking to get people to make a Resident Evil Outbreak Clone/styled game as a hobby.

Anything unpaid is going to be hard to attract people, but I’m interested. Do you have a discord?

Look at most job descriptions on here that hint at MMO / Having Ideas and you’re good to go… :stuck_out_tongue: Or more seriously include a few pics / video and it’ll probably help with recruiting.

Well. So Rude. Isn’t That Having Ideas Thing What Pushes People to Go Forward For The Greater Good?

Check Your Mail Buddy!

Maybe / maybe not… Ideas are the easy part / ideas aren’t worth anything in game dev. The sooner you see this, the sooner you can move on to greater things. That’s just how it is. :wink:

Ideas Honestly Not So Easy As U Think. (Bioware suffers a lot for this. And Starbreeze Having A Hard Time Due To Having No Idea With It’s Company Or Making Games. Valve Still Stuck List Goes On.) Making The Idea In Reality Is Actually Depends On How Stubborn You’re And Ready For It. To Know What Yuo Want And Ready To Give. To Glory My Friend!

Edit: Long Story Short. I Got Your Point This Is Already I’m Awere of (idleness Kills People, Seriously.). I’m Just Looking Peoples To Join My Project Before I Start My Conquest!

Sent a message