Where can I find the UE4 log file on Android device?

So I’ve got a build of a UE4 game running on Android (SHIELD Tablet). However it seems to hang or not render anything but a black screen. Where can I find the equivalent of the log files found in /Engine/Save when running on the PC, but the version that would be generated while running on Android. Where are those files stored for the build that runs on Android?

I just took a look on my device (Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1) and found my logs in:


I have also found that sometimes the engine crashes or hangs before it has a chance to log anything. In this case, try opening the app on your device while it is plugged in, then open a command prompt or terminal and type:

adb logcat -d > my_device_log.txt

This will spit out a device log file that might give you some hints as to what’s happening.

Hope that helps.

I use the Project Launcher to create an apk which I then install on the phone (Redmi Note 8 Pro - Android 11). Now the issue is that when you package and install this way there is no \MyProjectName folder. The game is installed in a private android folder which is inaccessible on PC.

Hence there is no log file at \MyProjectName\MyProjectName\Saved\Logs

adb logcat -d > my_device_log.txt also outputs the phone’s log, not the UE4 game’s log, which is what I need.

I even checked the option “Make log files always publicly accesible” in Project Settings>>Android but still can’t find any log file in either of the specified locations (/sdcard/Android or /sdcard/UE4Game)

Please help! Developing without logs is like flying blind!

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