Where can I find the referenced SIde-Scroller Template required by the UE5 Blueprints Quick Start Guide?

Hi Epic Devs…

I am just learning UE, and have hit several snags since the official release of UE5. I anticipated some issues, as the tutorials were mostly created before the full UE5 release, but some are very troubling, and this is one of them. In the UE5 Documentaion, on the Quick Start Guide for Blueprints Visual Scripting in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation, the REQUIRED (emphasis mine) Project Setup relies on an included UE Template entitled Side-Scroller Template. However, this template is not listed. Can it be downloaded somewhere? I searched the Marketplace, etc. and could not find anything.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Have you had any luck with this? I can’t see any side-scroller template either and would hugely benefit from it. Seems like it was part of UE4 and then pulled which sucks…

Maybe this one would be helpful

Thanks mate for sharing this. Unfortunately for myself its not helpful as it doesn’t work in UE5 onwards…

As another workaround you can install ue4 and the template is still here, then simply convert to ue5

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You can use this : SideScrollerTemplate UE5

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I did get it to work. I did as real.dude said, and downloaded UE4.27.2, created a new project in it using the SideScroller template, saved it, then opened that project in UE5.0.1, and it made an updated copy.

I’ll try to work through the tut now. Wish me luck. :crossed_fingers:

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That seems to be the trick! :+1:

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I follow that quick start guide with ThirdPerson template which is OK.
There are some differences. For example, the icon of Blueprint/Add Script in Step 3-1 is quite different from the one in UE5.

Thank you!

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