Where can I find the Modular version of UE4 Mannequin?

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Download - https://thegamedevstore.com/FREE/UE4ModularMann.zip

Well, if you export the mannequin to bolder and separate by loose parts you get the “halves” and all the sections.

It’s not the same as getting the same files, but a 5min workaround and you can get the exact same meshes exported… just merge them back and export selected. (As the skeleton needs to always match I believe)

Thanks for the response [USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER], I think you mean ‘blender’ and thats what I’m trying to avoid. I would anticipate one to exist already.

I did mean Blender. Autocorrect is on the fritz.
Why are you trying to avoid it? You could you just about anything that let’s you split the meshes apart. They arent welded together.

Hi [USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER], I want to avoid duplicate work, if already available.I’m busy as hell developing a MMO. I’m no Blender guru. Looks like a single piece to me in Blender.

Tab to go into edit mode, a to select all if needed, P to start the separation, click on By Loose Parts

Then take care to re merge the parts you need together.
Tab to exit edit mode
Click on the left side of the head, shift click the right side, and CTRL+J to join them.

Pretty simple despite being a pain.
I have no trick to select all the fingers other than just using the outliner, but the pieces aren’t numbered consecutively so you may be better off shift clicking and calling it a day.

Here’s a link to how I prepped it. Might be a faster starting point.

Thanks [USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER] Wow. Amazing.I would have spent days deleting vertices.

Looks like the edit missed you, I linked my parted out version for you.

Keep in mind this is for testing / doesn’t have the LODs.

Thanks for the Blend. I’ve been using the method described and nearly complete.I get excited when I learn new things.The separate by Loose Parts appears to be a means to dissect a mesh quickly. This will be very useful to me in the future creating Kitbashing kits.

It’s useful if the original mesh was built that way. Generally as far as my workflow goes that’s not the case with body meshes… even then, if it’s your own work it becomes a lot faster to hack and slash as you probably know exactly where to do so.

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Download - https://thegamedevstore.com/FREE/UE4ModularMann.zip