Where can I find the Epic Citadel Html5 demo?

Dear Epic Games,

I recently wanted to show the html5 epic citadel demoe to a friend, but i noticed that the page was gone.

Why is this? Is it comming back? findable somewhere else?


So the unreal 3 thingy is officially gone? I’ll have to wait for the unreal 4 to come online?

Here it is on Mozilla’s blog:


Unreal Engine 4 is already live. This AnswerHub is for UE4

The HTML5 demo in that link is UE4, yes. Deployment to HTML5 isn’t in the production build yet, though – you currently have to build from source to enable it.

UE3/UDK is still around, though. Check out the products page: Unreal Engine 5 - Unreal Engine

Jup i know, but the html5 demo also? I don’t see a link on the blog, only a local running demo in the youtube video…


We have just uploaded some new documentation for HTML 5:

Please review it and see if it can help to answer any questions you may be having. Let us know if anything is still unclear.


Yes, but the DEMO, we need the DEMO. I’m trying to convince my company to use your engine, but it is difficult when your html5 demo VANISHES with a broken link.

same here, we need DEMO, I almost got my boss into negotiation and than link died. Plz give us something to show to our superiors

Main HTML5 example page URL The most powerful real-time 3D creation tool - Unreal Engine , linked from here, HTML5 Game Development | Unreal Engine Documentation is still broken