Where can I find the cursor class for 'Error The cursor class '/Game/blahblahblah_C' was not found, check your custom cursor settings.'?

I changed the name of a widget from GameHudButtons to HUD_GameButtons, to find it easier in my content browser. After I did that, I started getting this error after I’d play the game:

‘Error The cursor class ‘/Game/GameContent/BluePrints/GameHudButtons.GameHudButtons_C’ was not found, check your custom cursor settings.’

With my feeble skills using UE4, I can’t find where this setting for custom cursor is. There is no reference to, eh… to my knowledge, of calling for it, or any other cursor in the widget. For that matter, nor is there anywhere else in any of my Blue Prints, am I using or referring to a custom cursor.

However In my character controller I have the mouse interface, default mouse cursor, set to Crosshairs.


Thanks for your Time!


After further investigation, I still never found a custom cursor class setting, BUT I did happen to go to the project settings, User Interface, Cursors, Default Cursor drop down box set to None, Clicked on that and reset it to None again. Sure enough the Error went away.

eh… Cool! I guess. /shrug

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Thanks a lot sir, you saved my day! :slight_smile:

Your welcome!

I spent a few hours looking for a resolution to the cursor mystery myself, so I thought I would post what I found out.

Glad it worked for you.