Where can I find the blueprints for the sample animations?

which animations are you talking about? are you referring to the thirdperson character? are you looking for the actual animations or the anim bp?

for the third person template the animations, anim bp, and everything else to do with that skeleton is located in the mannequin folder.

Hello! I was playing around with the animations and I was wondering where can I find the blueprints for the default 3D Animations. I was also wondering where the blueprints are for to play the animation when wasd is pressed. Where can I find where those blueprints are? Thanks!

I was wondering where I can find the code for the thirdperson charcter where is says like to execute this animation when this key is pressed.

There isnt really a code that says that per se. Its more loke theres code that tells the character to move forward, then the anim bp is watching and checking the speed of the player, when the speed is greater than 0 it begins playing the animation according to the blendspace. That may seem confusing so id advise you watch the series by epic on the unreal engine youtube channel that covers it. The basic idea though is the run animation is played in response to a change in the movement not a specific key press.

watch video 7 and 8 at a minimum, through 11 is probably better though. honestly id advise a beginner to watch the whole series though its only a few hours long.

Ok thanks!