Where can I find the ARK Dev Kit update notes?

I can’t find the ARK Dev Kit update notes. In this sticky post ( 1/18/2021: ARK Dev Kit v321.1 is now available on the Epic Launcher - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums I can see there has been an update, but not what the update notes are, so I can’t find out what has actual been updated/added etc.
Can someone please tell me where to look for the update notes?

The sticky post is all of the information we get with updates so far. There are no real changelogs. Usually a DevKit update contains all the changes made to the game since the last one and sometimes a few new nodes.

ooh oke, thanks for explaining! So sometimes we need to search and find out for our self whats new. Like a new dino in the kit, or new items of any kind for example. To bad not a change log with this stuff included.