Where can I find the 4.23 version to open HoloLens example project with?

I wanted to try out the HoloLens Example project that just got released. See the link under. I have tried to download the latest development release of the unreal engine on Git, but after building in Visual Studio I can see that it is only the 4.22 version. So I can’t find the HoloLens under Platform in settings.

Is there a branch I haven’t seen in the Github?

It seems like I just did a simple mistake in github desktop, where I had to change to the branch dev-vr-hololens2 again. So basicly the dev-vr-hololens2 is the whole engine with hololens support.

Could you post a link to the unreal GitHub, I am having the hardest time to find it, and all the links on posts about it seem broken.

Took me a while to understand myself, the links work, you just have to link Epic account with github

Guide on how to link to github:

Link that works when logged in: