Where can I find purchased assets from the Marketplace?

I purchased an asset from the market place 2 hours ago and I can’t seem to find where to download it. My vault is empty and I can’t find a download link anywhere in the website.
It’s the first time ever I purchased an asset so I have no idea where to look.

This is the asset:

You need to go to the launcher and find the item under the marketplace. The buy button will now be replaced with a download button and you can download it.

Once it is downloaded, it will appear in your vault.

as the marketplace increases this is more and more difficult to do. Shouldn’t there be a purchased content page to find what you’ve bought?

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Yeah, that is pretty dumb. Why would you make people go through the process of searching for stuff the already searched for then purchased.

I must say that this is the single biggest gripe I have about the Marketplace and actually reduces my incentive for “impulse buying” as I am afraid I will simply forget what I have purchased. So this makes little sense both business wise and usability wise. Wish Epic could comment on this (or is there a different thread where they do?)

I did that but it wont work

You can find it in Vault…

I have the same issue. Some of my purchased content from the marketplace is not in my vault. ie: Allright Animation rig. now it want’s me to buy it again. Are a bunch of other stuff.

I looked it’s not there

Download the Epic Games Launcher, go to Unreal Engine, on the top click Library, under the Engines and My Projects you will see the VAULT with your assets purchased

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This worked for me. The important / confusing part is to make sure you are pushing the correct Library tab - the tab that appears on the top after you push the Unreal Engine category on the left hand side - as e9057 says.

Scroll down, if there’s nothing listed in “VAULT” then click the Filter by: Category drop down and select “All” or whatever type of thing you are looking for.

I think this is just not good enough. I have now over 1.000 assets and all I got is a few filters and a search vault area. I can’t even kick the very old and deprecated stuff out of the list, I can’t sort it by purchase date, by vendor, I can’t group assets in any way, and I literally started to manage my own Google Sheets document to not lose track of the stuff I bought on the Unreal Marketplace. Unfortunatelly, this is a terrible user experience, especially for the best customers of the platform. :frowning: