Where can I find Landscape Data?

Hello to everyone.

I’m a student in Game Development, and I’m trying to make a pluggin for Procedural methods in real time. For acomplish the objectives, I figured out that I need some information about the engine and the Landscapes.

I need to get the Terrain (I think is landscape in Unreal) data. Actually I need, the normal orientation of the terrain and the height for each point.

I’m not looking for an explanation but a place where I can find all the information that I need.

If there is some file with all the data, then I would like to know:

Which data is stored in the File.
How is it stored.
Does the data can suffer changes in the future by other elements (Like, the transform of the object, or some other component)?.

Thanks for your time :smiley:

Aleix Rius

My advice is to download the source code from the Github and take a look at it. It is not only useful to discover the answers you need but you will probably reuse some of that code in your plugin ^^

The code there is divided into the runtime part (the one which is used only when playing) and the editor part (with the editor tools) and how it access the runtime to show realtime the information while being changed.

Thanks for the answer

Will take a look !!!

this is a topic that I’m also interested in
so @Onnion I hope you don’t mind sharing your findings :slight_smile:

this is a topic that I’m also interested in :):smiley: