Where can I find good SFX/Audio?

I am looking for a few SFX for a project we are working on, but I can’t really find many places to buy good sounds.
The sounds I am looking for include.

  • Engine Loops (low, mid, high) (really need these)
  • Ambient SFX (most have been found)
  • Weapon firing and mechanics
  • Doors Opening and Closing (some found)

If you could link me to a website where I can buy some of these sounds that would be awesome, in the mean time Ill keep looking.

Why not just get them from the marketplace?

Maybe he can’t afford with prices

Have you checked here?

I’m also stuck on engine sound/loops, specifically for a futuristic bike game

@Kheka, thanks for taking your time to make an automated googling thing for “free sound effects” like that was not a thing I searched for before. I am not a lazy researcher, I was hoping someone actually knew of resources I did not, or could spread there knowledge.

@justin43731 I have checked before but I will look again, thanks for the suggestion.

@Photek I have found some futuristic engine sounds at a few places. I don’t have specific links but here are some websites I think I have found some of those on. *Sounds have different licenses, make sure to pay attention to that. *waiting for a quote from this company, Ill notify you of the price they give me for licensing there sounds for a indy game. *Licensing Pricey for paid games.