Where can i find FREE models?

Hello guys!

I just started designing in UE4 and I’m very exited about all the features. I’m just playing around at the moment, and because of that i’m looking for some new models to use. I have been searching quite alot for free .fbx models, but there dosent seem to be any sites offering this? Do you guys know any places where its possible to grab some free “Packages”? As I said, untill i have found a project to throw myself at, i’m not ready to use alot of money on models I may never use :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help and time.

And im sorry if this is placed in a wrong category ^^

-use the stuff from the marketplace
-take a look at

Unfortunately there are nearly no free packages on the internet, but probably you will find some on the upper websites :slight_smile:

First place I would look is in the Learn tab and Marketplace tab of the Launcher, there are quite a few free projects and examples that include a LOT of content, plus you are free to use any of these assets in a commercially released game. Each of the sample game contains a lot of assets (meshes, materials, textures, sounds and more). Here are some of the best ones:

Marketplace Tab of the Launcher:

  • Mixamo Character Pack - 15 free characters with some animations ready to be used
  • Animation Starter Pack - a bunch of animations you can use for characters, can be re-targeted to the Mixamo pack
  • GameTextures Material Pack
  • Platformer Game
  • Landscape Mountains
  • Elemental Demo
  • Vehicle Game

Learn Tab of the Launcher:

  • Content Examples
  • Particle Effects
  • Blueprints
  • First Person Shooter
  • Tower Defense
  • Matinee

I highly recommend looking through the above examples, a lot of great content.

Beyond that there are sites like

Some of the models might not be in FBX format, but you can open them up with Blender (or 3dsMax/Maya etc) and then export them out as FBX files.

Hope that helps! Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Beware of ripped content. They are not allowed in the engine.
Find some in the marketplace or similar to the mentioned above.

I was not aware of the possibilty to take content from other projects. How is this done? Will the props etc. automaticly be imported when I have ran the maps in UE?

Thanks for the websites. I looked through the marketplace, but have not found any free content.

Diebyzer0, ripped content? Do you mind explaining?

Have a look through the ones I listed ^^

To move the content into your game, open up the project and then in the Content Browser you can right click on any asset (or folder) and choose “Migrate”, and then set the destination as the Content folder of your project to copy over.

Well to put it simply, It’s when you find some “Free” models etc in random websites that were hacked / exported out of actual games. For example you might end up finding a Lara croft model that was ripped out of a Tomb raider game. Which is illegal.

Mixamo’s Fuse can create models for free and they give you free autorigs to get them ready to animate; It’s not a bad deal for free!

Watch yourself with tf3dm, It’s mostly ripped content.
It’s pretty awesome for reference though :smiley:

Try searching here: Yobi3D