Where can i find free Landscape/Mountain etc. (World Border) 3D Models?


i can find very large amount of 3D models that are good looking and free licensed, but the one thing i don´t find are Landscape/Mountain Models.

These on the market are at the time to expensive for me (they start at 40€).

Have anyone found a site where i can find some? Free Licensed ofc, so i can use them on Paid Project that will be purchased at some point.

You could create your own mountains/landscapes with world machine or similar programs -> an easy and fast way to do it :slight_smile:

Look at the Learning tab of the Unreal Launcher. You´ll find a few free projects with background mountains.

Like said, you should use World Machine, it is very quick to use & can create some great landscapes.

Ty guys, i will look into it :smiley: Great, i was wondering how can i get some nice examples.

K guys, i downloaded WM, but the textures 512x512 were not very appealing to me, so i bought the standard edition xD I think it´s very good invested money, and yet i can also use it for future projects when i think of commercial using.

I have just one question, can i import highmaps into WM or only from WM ?

As far as I know it should be possible to import a heightmap into WM :slight_smile:

You can use an input node to import a heightmap into WM then play round with it, I was playing round with some height maps
off google at one point loadding 3 or 4 with input nodes and using an advanced perlin to blend then together L3DT is another very user
friendly program “Landscape 3D terain” but goes by the name L3DT, think it has a free limited version too but is not so costly

I think WM was a good purchase :slight_smile: Very nice looking landscapes and it´s enough for my project :smiley: Thx u all for your replies.