Where can I find detailed instructions about how to create a plugin for UE4?

I’m now working on a VR project, and I want to create a runtime plugin for UE4 which can provide support and implementation for our VR devices and functions,
I’ve followed the examples to create a “framework” of the plugin, but after I read through the official documents and WIKIs, I’m still not sure about how to implement this plugin in detail.
What’s the detailed rules about the plugin? Where can I find some instructions?
Thank you!

I did a quick search om Google and found the following links:

If you also search YouTube there were a few tutorials out there that covered the basics and actually help you build a very simple plugin.

Thank you for your reply!:slight_smile: I’ve read and researched the above links already, and I’ve buit a simple plugin which is runnable, but I’m still confused about how to add complicate functions and how to interact between the plugin and UE4.
e.g. We have a C++ library which contains the main functions of our SDK, how should I expose those functions to UE4? It seems the documents above don’t contain such topic…
Anyway, I’ll do more search and watch some YouTube tutorials again, but If you have any further information to share, I would be very grateful!