Where Can I Find Advanced Blueprints System Tutorials?

I’m looking for any advanced blueprint tutorials or help for things such as a call of duty like vault system, random terrain generation (not dungeon or rooms based actual random terrain generation such as forest deserts and cities), and advanced melee systems not the basic call of duty style melee, something more like doom. Does any one have any tips tutorials or any other help for systems like these in blueprint

Not sure on the random terrain stuff, but the other systems are probably more Animation Blueprint related than just plain ol’ Blueprints. You’d likely use BP systems to control when they are active and whatnot, but I’d think most of that would be pretty basic setup. However, the animation systems would be a lot more advanced. I don’t know the name, but someone was sharing a ton of blueprint tutorials for a fighting type of game a while back. That might have some of what you want, but outside of that, I’d search for things pertaining to animation blueprints, animation graph and animation in general.

Hope that helps somewhat.