Where can I find a more detailed C++ programming documentation

Hi, I don’t know if I’m missing something but I can’t find all documentation I’d expect about C++ in the offitial documentation. Just things like basics -> and not much more aside the API.

Is there some other place in the docs I can’t find or with that’s there it’s supposed to be enough to be able to do EVERYTHING you can do with Blueprints? Please someone guide me a bit =) even some books are ok if they have something that offition documentation doesn’t have

Thanks is a good starting point. You cannot do EVERYTHING in blueprints but you sure can do helluva a lot to the point where you could do a game without any C++ code of your own.

You have complete access to the source.

There is a multiplayer shootout that is done in blueprints. You can track down the C++ code the nodes in the blueprint call. I have done this to use engine code in my code when the engine does not return what I want. In my one case I get the actors affected in the radial damage.

Tom Looman has an Udemy class that imho is a must for those getting started with C++.