Where can I find a good solid tutorial on making an "action button-keyboard key" to control everything?

If you haven’t already, watch this. At some point he will talk about Interfaces and even implement an interactive door. The short version: you need to create a Blueprintinterface and every object that reacts to your interact button will implement this interface and have some specific logic attached to it. It’s a lot to digest tbh, but the tutorial explains everything you need.

Hello, I’m looking for a specific tutorial or set of tutorials to help me with something I’m trying to accomplish.
I’m trying to accomplish setting up a keyboard key either “E”, “Space Bar”, “Enter”. Think of Resident Evil 4 where “A” does everything, or Zelda’s “A” Button. It would be the Initiate chat, confirm choice, manipulate objects in the game world etc.

The real end goal in my game is I’m trying to make a switch that the player would hit “A” on the switch would activate causing a nearby platform to lower to fetch a key. The switch would start out un-lit, after the switch is activated it would lit up to show the player it was activated (playing a sound would be great too) I would then want the switch to remain lit and inoperable. I would not want the player to keep activating the switch and lowering the platform ad infinitum. I would prefer a blueprint as I would want to have numerous in game interactable switches or buttons for different things. As I do not know any scripting languages.

It should be noted that I am using the FPS Game Mode with starter Content and ideally I’d prefer instructions based on that. It seems like everyone does third person mode for some reason.

So far I have created a matinee and when the matinee plays my platform lowers but I can’t wrap my head around adding the sound or making it a one time switch that activates the matinee event. I imagine at some point in the events I’ll need a Branch True or False node but I’m stuck.I’m also brand new to UE4 and the extent of what I know has been 2d drag and drop eventing on RPG Maker Products.

Thanks, I’ll check it out!