Where can I find a decent job?

On the Internet a lot of different exchanges, but nothing good I do not find
Help advice! :slight_smile:

Depending on what your special abilitys are.
When you have a bicycle, you could play paperboy in Real-VR.
I could need someone to build me a starship to fake UFO sightings, but it should have the Option to warp something and 7x lightspeed sounds cool too.
Internet is full of porn and scam. Some very bad traps are around, when you search for a job in the internet.
Pro-Tip: Forget everything what sounds to cool. Jobs are hard dirty and bad paid.

What kind of job???

All the best jobs I have ever had over many years have been through who I know, so my advice is network, talk to people, get known and show your skills, look for opportunity and let people know you are looking.
In essence on the net you are one of 100ā€™s of millions, to those you know you are more like 1 of 10, and if you have the right skill set and attitude, you are the 1.

Iā€™d add good luck, but observation suggests that luck is directly proportional to effort. :slight_smile:

Workello do not know?
If you did not watch it, please note. There are good job and the site free - no attachments, to find a job
Good luck!