Where can I download UE 4.27.2? [4.27.2]

I moved to Unreal Engine recently. I have version 4.27.1. Where can I download 4.27.2? I can’t find it on the Epic Launcher nor can I find it anywhere else and I do not know many places to look either as I am very new to this Engine.
Some clarification and help would be appreciated.


But this does not show UE 4.27.2. It only shows 4.27.1, I already have 4.27.1 installed and as I saw in some videos about 4.27.2, I thought I’d go to that version, but I can’t find it.

Isn’t 4.27.2 simply the current version?

When I click the Help in the UE and click about UE, I get 4.27.1 as the engine version.
When I open the Epic Panel and click on Install new engine version the only one I get is Version 4.26.2. I already have 4.27.1 installed. Is there NO 4.27.2? No one is sure…

Today I could update 4.27.1 to 4.27.2. It came as an Update.