Where can I download older version of UE5

Hello, I’m working with the 5.02 version of unreal engine and I actually need to dowload an older version : the 5.0.1.
However when I click on “engine version” it only propose me a list of ue4 version only.
Do I need to configure something to get the 5.0.1 showing ?

Thank you by advance.

Hello Amarest, Welcome to the forums.

As far as I know, your only option now is to compile 5.0.1 (CL 19764885) from the 5.0 github branch

I’m curious to know what broke in the hotfix to make you want to go back.


Hello, thank you for your answer !
But it seems that your link doesn’t work :cry:

Actually it’s because of the volumetric fog, I open an older project and the fog isn’t working anymore, try to put a new one, didn’t work, and didn’t find my answer since it’s a to recent uptdate but I have seen that they are some changes in 0.2 for the fog that say : “doesn’t render in movable light”, try to change light and bake them but same thing didn’t work.

So yes, that’s my main problem to change for an older unreal version !

Thanks again

You’re welcome! You’ll need to be logged into github (and probably link your EG account to Github)

If you’re able to get some steps to reproduce this fog + light scenario it may be a good idea to submit a bug report . Although it sounds like this already may be on the devs radar.

I had a scene with a moveable spotlight + volumetric fog that I checked in 5.0.2. Everything seems ok for me. (Of course there are many variables to these sorts of things though)

Hello, sorry for my late answer, same for me if I try to put a fog in a new scene, everything works maybe I should remake all my lights. :thinking:
But really thank you for your answer, you’re a life saver !