Where are the UDK-like bots?


Download the shootergame example = bots that you are used to


I like UDK bots (robots), seems that UE4 has replaced them by some sort of blue guy.
Do you know where can I find them and if they have the same features that UDK had?

Hi Pyocote,

There are not any bots included by default within the editor with any of the sample templates. You’ll need to create you’re own bots and AI to cover this area.

Peter L. Newton (SilentX) has put together a great simple AI series on our Wiki to walk through creating a simple bot!

Be sure to check it out!

Peter has a wonderful YouTube channel that covers a lot with Blueprints, AI, and character movement!

Let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:


The shooter example claims to have working bots, however I tried spawning them and they just stand there motionless and don’t die.

The ShooterGame example has fully functional AI bots for both Free-for-all and Deathmatch game modes for both maps.
To enable, run the game as standalone, and then press Escape once it has loaded. From there you get an options menu, cheat menu, and can exit or go to the main menu. From there you can host a game and choose the map and gamemode and the number of bots (max of 8).


Just wondering where do I find the ShooterGame example or a video of it

ShooterGame should be in the Marketplace when you start Unreal Launcher.

Also try zoombapup’s YT channel ( http://youtube.com/zoombapup ), he’s got a ton of AI how-to videos.