Where are the slots for these texture maps in UE4?

Hey guys,

So Im learning UE4 and Im in the material editor and see all the slots to place materials in.

The first thing I notice is the normal and specular map slots.
…Its also the last things I notice

-So far Ive only been taught to use Vector node to make a parameter from 0-1 for the mettallic, specular and roughness…
How does this work for specular if I have 2 maps for it?(Below 6,7,13)

Where can I attach all these other maps I have? (If you know even one of them please do so, hopefully broken pieces from many individuals will complete the puzzle!)

1)Diffuse Map

2)Shallow SSS map

3)Mid SSS map

  1. Deep SSS map

5)Deep Mask

6)Primary Specular map

7)Secondary Specular map

8)Glossy map

9)Bump Map

10)Displacement textures

11)Displacement Map

12)Eyes Diffuse map

13)Eyes Specular map

14)Eyes Bump map

Any ideas guys?

Anything anyone?