Where are the settings that cause the default buttons in UMG to have a gradient?

We are working on an editor widget and we are using the default button settings except for color. If you look at the picture, the default button seems to have a gradient on it. However when we change the style and then try and set it back via the SET STYLE Node the gradient is missing. We are not setting a gradient, that seems to be a default unreal thing. The style is set to revert to the exact same as far as we can tell. But it looks different int he original. See the pictures for clarification. No image is set in either. Same padding. Same color. Same margin. Different result.

Try to do it with SetMembers. That way you will only update the variables you need. I think it has to do with the Image being “None” when you set it that way.

MMMarcis Thanks for the reply. I didnt know that node existed and that is a more efficient way of doing it, however it doesnt solve the problem. MakeSlateBrush was a bit different in my version, but I was able to cobble it together as you an see from the picture, but it still comes out flat. I didnt set an image in the original button at all. I changed some margins, color, and the way it nests int he container its in, but other than that its just a default button. So weird.

I think the engine uses a default image when it’s set to None. Have you considered using your own gradient?

I think thats true as well. I could do that, but…

A: I wanted to make sure it was in fact an image that was being used and…
B: If it was try and find that image and just use it.

Its also weird that if it is an image, its none in the engine and its being drawn as a box, not an image. You’d think that would distort it. I thought it might be something with the margin, like a falloff sort of thing.

This works for me but I only changed the tint. Let me know if it works.


Although I would probably create a variable from class defaults style and use that to modify. Because you wouldn’t want to modify class defaults.

Yep, looks like that has it. Thanks! I cant mark that specifically as an answer so I guess whoever comes looking will have to read the whole thread. At least they will know what we tried.