Where are the Fundamentals Classes sample files?

Where is the link for the ‘Fundamentals Classes’? I think the one I downloaded is corrupt, keeps freezing at 45% when I try to load it up. Unable to do any tutorials!
Took me an hour to figure out how to download from the Vimeo set of Unreal tutorials. Now it won’t load?! I have 4.18. 3 and 4.19.0

45% means that it’s compiling shaders. I don’t think it’s actually freezing in there, it’s just waiting till all shaders are compiled. Look up for a ShaderCompileWorker process. I can’t answer your actual question though, sorry.

Thanks. Yeah, it did eventually load. Still have no idea where these four TGA texture files are supposed to be. They’re not showing up anywhere in the Fundamentals folders… strange. I’ll just get on with the tutorial without them and pretend I have them on the screen.

Pics attached, just in case someone can help me.

Where are the Fundamentals Classes sample files? can someone tell me please

What are the Fundamental Classes? Is this in reference to some tutorial or something?

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guess you mean these:

Fundamental class project:


those 4 TGA files:


Good how on the videos they never explain where they are :slight_smile:

The links can be found under the ‘more information’ tab on the home page of the materials course, took me about 20 minutes to work it out :slight_smile:


I am having an issue when I download this project but the EssentialConcepts_Start level is missing? Am I trying to open it wrong? I can’t seem to find it. (Sorry to necro the thread. I am just unsure on where to look)