Where are the default key bindings defined/documented in a blank blueprint project?

I created blank blueprint project. Edit>Project Settings>Engine>Input>Bindings has nothing configured. When playing the project, from trial and error, I discovered W moves camera forward, A moves camera left, S moves camera back, D moves camera right, Q and C moves camera down, E moves camera up. Initially I thought these bindings came from Edit>Editor Preferences>General>Keyboard shortcuts>Viewport Navigation

but I have doubts since the bindings are different for some keys, e.g C moves camera down, Z does nothing. Where can I find the default key bindings?

Someone suggested the default keybindings should be in Project/Config/DefaultInput.ini but this file does not exist in my blank blueprint project. Despite that, there are some default kindbindings as described above. Another project I am working on has a DefaultInput.ini file containing customised bindings defined by the developer but not the default W, A, S, D, etc.

This is config layers from first use to least (assuming we talking about single class containing varbales):

-User config in project/Saved (or in /engine/saved)

-in Project/Config with Default prefix

-in Engine/Config with Base prefix

-Class defaults wither in blueprint or hard coded in C++

@anonymous_user_f5a50610 I did find a struct object EKeys in Epic Games\UE_4.23\Engine\Source\Runtime\InputCore\Classes\InputCoreTypes.h which appears to define the inputs that could be bound. I checked MyProject\Config\Default*.ini and MyProject\Saved\Config\Windows\EditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini but I can’t see the actual bindings.