Where are the CCD IK constraints?

Does anyone know about this new CCD IK feature? It says that it can dynamically solve IK with constraints, but the only “constraints” I can see there is just symmetrical rotation (on all axis) limit per joint, I mean I want to setup it the way one joint can bend only on one axis and only in one direction… Anyone?..
There is a >video< on youtube where some guy seems like was able set it up with actual constraints… So it is possible, I just can’t find where too look for those…

Ok, nvm. Seems like there are none. And the guy on the video probably has taken some different approach.
But it would’ve been such a great feature~

If you click on the CCDIK node and look in the details panel, under the solver category you will see something called Rotation Limit Per Joints.

The array is automatically filled in when you set up the TipBone and RootBone variables.