Where are the box settings in 4.5?


I’m new to UE4.5. Where are the old settings like Brushsettings and BSP?

Thank you for you fast answere but i ment these settings(img is from a tutorial):


Do you mean the window where you can choose the shape of the bsp? → you can find it under the “bsp” tab in the actor classes

They should be still in the details tab at the right side of the editor window → otherwise go to windows - details - and choose detail 1

Detail 1 is already selected, but the details tab looks like this:

You are using a static mesh and not a bsp ^^

Ups, yeah, you’re right, but where do i get the right? In ue 4.0 you could place a normal box by draging it from the Modes/Geometry tab into the scene. How can I do this now? I only found these templates…

As I mentioned above, you will have to get them from the BSP tab → left upper window (actor classes)

I’m sry, but I don’t know where I find this. My screen looks like this:


Oh god, I’m so blind…
Thank you very much for your help and your patience