Where are server configurations in 4.10?

I’ve just got a brand new UE 4.10.0, installed the ShooterGame sample for it, opened the generated VS2015 solution, and cannot find the dedicated server configuration in the list.

The ShooterGameServer.Target.cs file also hasn’t been included in the solution, while it does exist on disk.

Could anyone confirm the issue, or point me to where the dedicated server configurations are now?


Things tried:

  • created a new C++ Project, added the server config, rebuilt project files - no result (configuration not picked up by UBT);
  • deleted Intermediate/ProjectFiles and .sln file, rebuilt project files - no result.

Could anyone confirm that they have server configurations in their downloaded installations of 4.10 or 4.10 preview?

I guess this was too obvious for anyone to answer :slight_smile:

According to A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums,
downloaded versions of the engine cannot build server configurations.

So the answer is: build the engine from source to have server configurations. I had no problem with server configs in a source-built 4.10.