Where are high resolution screenshots stored?

Need help figuring out exactly where the screenshots are stored. :3 thanks!

They are in your Projectfolder\Saved\Screenshots\Windows\ Folder

For example, for me it would be here (Mobile Temple project):

C:\Users\Dominik\Documents\Unreal Projects\Mobile\Saved\Screenshots\Windows

Hey TSpartanT,

You can find them in your projects folder in \Saved\Screenshots\Windows.

At the moment, there is a bug with the high resolution screenshot, however, and it is outputting corrupt files and sometimes crashes the editor. While we work on fixing that, you can enter the command line, “HighResShot 2” instead of using the GUI.


Ben Halliday

Are there anyway to store screenshots in a custom folder via Blueprint?

Thanks in advance.

This worked for me, thanks

I got the same issue now. Do you have a solution for it ?