Where are Axis event nodes in my Blank Project Blueprint?

Hey ryanjon,

reason blank template does not have axis mappings listed as nodes is that you have no axis mappings defined for that project. FPS template has those axis mappings predefined for you, so they are accessible immediately in your Blueprints.

To set up your axis mappings in a blank project, go to Edit > Project Settings. Under Engine > Input, you should see Axis Mappings in Bindings section. Create axis mappings you want, click Set as Default, and then reopen your Character Blueprint. axis mapping nodes will be available now!

Hope that helps!

If you create a new project based on Blank Project and create a new Blueprint from Character, you will notice there are no axis events or inputaxis nodes.

Here is context menu inside a Character Blueprint from Blank Project:


Here is context menu inside a Character Blueprint from First Person Template:


Thanks a lot ! That did trick.