Where and how on earth to begin?

Guys I am not as new to unreal as I was years ago I’ve been playing around with it and it’s pretty fun and so amazing but I’m getting very discouraged due to not knowing where to begin on learning so much when there’s so much to learn its been my dream to become a video game developer and be a publishing studio as well I was embarrassed to ask for help first but I need it now more than ever, so many tutorials but I get so confused there’s so much to game development it’s intimidating but I’m determined to see it through are there any ways to get through with this? A complete course or so on to game development as a whole with Unreal? Please help!

First of all don’t be embarrass because UE4 overpower you, it’s big engine and i don’t think there anyone who knows everything about UE4, even Epic developers in unreal stream show signs of it.

You problem is you don’t have a goal, because of that you don’t know where to start because you don’t know what you want to do. Think of a concept for a game in your head or makes notes, it can be something simple, if it’s more complex, pick core gameplay component from the idea and try to make prototype with it and try to build it in UE4. Having some objective will help you learn things. By that you will have a goal. If you don’t have artistic skills… try using boxes insted, you don’t need meshes to do simple game play prototypes :stuck_out_tongue: Remember that game during development can look ugly don’t be ashamed of it, that normal, you add fancy stuff at the end.

For inspiration, i will show you how Splattoon look like at the beginning as a prototype:

Also personally, because i practically worked exclusively on client side of UE4, i’m a newbie in replication system and networking of UE4, i know some basic concepts but thats it, but i know if i even need to work with it i can learn it.

If you lacking ideas for a game (for now? ;p), you could try replicating gameplay of game you like, or try find some team to work with, or try joining gamejams or use previues gamejam as topic for gameplay