Where am I logged in?

Can we have a feature to see ‘where I am logged in’ like gmail or facebook has? for last couple of months I am getting frequently logged out and have to log into forum everyday although I do marked the ‘stay logged on’ button when logging in… UE forums got hacked last year so I am little nervous about me getting logged out frequently, though I did change my passwords after that incident.

I am not sure if this is the right subforum to post this…

The logging out is an issue with the system, it’s happening to everyone so it’s not a hack or anything.

ok thnx but how can i add this to feature request? or will you pass this request along, please?

There is a thread about this, take a look here: Forums keep logging me out - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums

Maybe some Mod should take that thread and move it out of off topic since there many people don’t see that epic is asking for sending them stuff when the logout happens.

off topic is upvote working? i don’t seem to upvote anyone… the leftmost number with a ^… thats upvote indicator right?

Early WIP I imagine. I’m shocked it’s even live.

Thanks for pointing that out, had no idea it was in Off Topic… Moved it to the Feedback for Epic section.

as forum mods said they are keeping an eye on this thread…i would like to suggest another feature beside ‘logged in devices’… it is dynamic thread suggestion feature when opening a thread and when reading a thread… this is already implemented in answerhub but not here. i see duplicate threads all the time…

Look here: am i