When your gaming laptop breaks down during a lockdown

Things get pretty deep.

Ouch, my condolensces. Do you have a backup system??? Did you backup any current projects that you were working on?? Btw how long have you had this laptop??

Yes have backup machine a 9 year old Asus U56E laptop that I started using Unreal 4.7 on back in 2015.
I can go as high as UE 4.18.02 on it before Direct X 11 prevents me from going higher.
Its video card is an Intel 3000 HD only has support for Direct X up to version 10. :frowning:
Didn’t lose any data.
Fully backed up :slight_smile:
Had the ROG laptop for 4 years first time having issue with it otherwise been a remarkable machine.
Very sad.
Haven’t given up on it still trying to find the problem.

Sorry to hear that. Have you considered Jigsaws? Apparently Jigsaws are good.

Found an old rusted up dental tool in my toolbox and a very small hammer with a very rounded head that is hard to aim with.
I believe in the slow approach :slight_smile:

Poor you!! I can imagine your bordem now.
my Mom’s mobile got LCD broke too and she is like where i will spend my time now. she is found of games like a child :rolleyes:

Yeah I am back on my Asus U56E laptop. Its 9 years old and still going strong. Keyboard is faded out so I HAVE TO remember where what is now. :slight_smile:

That’s great to hear :cool:

Thanks. On the bright side its only $499 for a refurbished mother board on ebay. Its not that much money really if you think about it. Its enough to be a pain but its better than buying a whole new machine for $1800. :slight_smile: