When you publish update low -end and midrange mobile optimizations ?

When you publish update low -end and midrange mobile optimizations ?
Is blurpint will also be optimized for mobile ?
I think you should be focused on the optimization bluprint for mobile.
Im waitinig very much for this update.

Im sorry for my english .

Hi jacenty,

Here is a very recent AnswerHub thread that might help, if I am understanding your question. If that doesn’t help, post here and we’ll try again. Thanks very much!

I think he is more referring to the fact that UE4 is so graphically intensive. Take this with a grain of salt, but UDK3 games run great on my older tablet. UE4 games have abysmal performance even with just one static light and ~37 objects with a total of < 5k polys. The shaders are so expensive. This is with the lowest possible settings (fully rough, mobile scaling etc) without going to full unlit. At full unlit by the way, the FPS of this simple scene goes from 25 to VSYNC (60). I have fully explored various graphics settings and the capabilities on lower hardware over the past few months. It’s sad not being able to use normal maps or partially transparent materials. More complex and visually appealing UDK3 games look and run better than with UE4. Likewise competitor engines can look and run better as well on this lower spec hardware. I don’t know if it’s just the shader complexity, or if it has something to do with the type of rendering (forward vs. deferred).

But I don’t have the time to completely rewrite a mobile rendering solution which makes other engines look more appealing than UE4 for mobile. Same models and simple logic is a difference between 25 FPS (UE4) and above 80 FPS.

We could also talk about build sizes and potential markets (e.g. games crash on Kindle devices, and there’s no Amazon support at all), but eh. UE4 needs a lot of work to be competitive in the mobile space for devices that are not the latest and greatest.