When you do "destroy actor" is the mesh downloaded from memory for that level?

In other words if player character moves through a door, it closes and you are SURE the player will never go back through that door again and you
simply do a “destroy actor” for all objects behind that door, does that mean that mesh data is downloaded from the total memory load for that level or are they still being calculated as you move around? Is it still caught up in any cache of some kind?
I know how level streaming works but I don’t need to do that for this particular case I just need to nuke everything behind a closed door :slight_smile:

If you don’t have any more references to objects in your level, the Garbage Collector will clean objects residing in the memory.
If you destroy an actor, it automatically invalidates all references to it. The Actors are then marked as “pending Kill” and won’t exist in the next Frame

Thanks yeah that is what I thought. It takes a split second for the garbage collector to catch up and then its gone.
So if I have a trigger box that starts the whole process, does that trigger box need to ne destroyed too since it might count as a reference?