When you do a hotfix

Don’t break it.

So today I decide to check out 4.6.1 after updating it (at least I think I updated it) and my view is in a perpetual motion death spin in the editor viewport. Thus it this new version that was usable for me now is not…

Just a suggestion…

That’s probably something more unique to you, since that would be a very obvious issue that they couldn’t possibly miss. As such, make sure you post to the answerhub so that people can help you with your issue.

That sounds like what used to happen in UE3 when a game pad was connected. Do you have any additional input devices connected that could be interfering?

Also keep an eye out for gamepad mapping software, (I use Pinnacle but there’s also XPadder and JoyToKey, amongst others) and remote control applications. (Unified Remote, for instance)

Yes please report the issue in answerhub so we can address and follow up quickly. An infinitely spinning viewport was definitely not something came up in our QA passes! :slight_smile:

Thank you guys apparently it was indeed my xbox controller. I wonder if it was somehow conflicting with my pen tool. Sometimes my pen tool and my mouse have focus issues but rarely in windows. I don’t automatically run xpadder seeing as how most of my games have native support… I will just hack around and see what is going on there… It could be all three the pen tablet, the xbox controller and the mouse having issues. Windows has always had a standing trait of getting confused… The strange thing is that it is only apparent in 4.5 if I have loaded and reloaded 4.6 which leads me to believe it is a small engine issue…

Thanks again